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så många vägar man gärna ville gå
så många saker man inte kan förstå
I have been sewing! 
9th-Aug-2009 03:13 pm
Now I finally got to unleash all that inspiration I've been having inside of me!
I kind of made the whole dress yesterday, almost, I had started a little bit earlier. And after finishing the dress I went on to a blouse and I've been working on that one today. But I wont get it finished today since I'm missing buttons and fabric for the frill at the hem. :(
So pictures of that one after it's finished. Now on to the dress!

The whole thing! The fabric is what I bought in Toraya in Osaka. Decided that a wild pattern like that need a simple design so I went for a laceless dress. The ribbon isn't attatched to the dress, just tied around the waist. I didn't wanna sew it onto the dress since it probably wont match every coordinate. And also the dress looks even more casual without it so it's good for everyday wear without it. :)
(And that's the petticoat being wobbly, not the dress.)

Closeup of front and back:

It's fully lined and SERGED! First thing I made with my new love of my life. I haven't used a serger since junior high and I really didn't remember it's this orgasmic! Everything turns out so proffessional!! <3
The zipper is on the side, it's not hidden though, because I've decided I hate hidden zippers. Not only are they 1000x worse to put in, they also break way easier. But of course it's purple so it's not like it can be seen easily anyway.

I'm quite proud of how this one turned out. : ) And the blouse I'm working on is becoming quite nice too! It's longsleewed and dusty pink. A little bit Innocent World inspired I'd say. Or a lot. : D

9th-Aug-2009 07:09 pm (UTC)
Shaisse, den e fin som en karamell, eller nå lika cheesy! Durr durr, I likez~!
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