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så många vägar man gärna ville gå
så många saker man inte kan förstå
Anon Meme 
10th-May-2010 12:17 am
10th-May-2010 06:43 pm (UTC) - What I think...
Hii! I really like you, even thought I do know little about you(but the little I do know, I do like)

You're really goodlooking, beutiful, you've got humor and you've got that tint of awesomeness over you. You make me want to learn the Finnish language just for your sake...for it is not that I would really have use for it for anything/anyone else.

I'd like to meet ya again! >___< Even thought I do not share your intellect and so on...

You're so sweet but, I guess that I'm out of your league, but still.

Okay, now I've made an idiot of myself, there you go XD (even thought I'm anonymous)
11th-May-2010 11:40 pm (UTC) - Re: What I think...
Aww, you didn't make a fool out of yourself! That's all so sweet of you! ;W; Andandand learning Finnish is probably good for something~!
...and why would you be out of my league? B|<3
12th-May-2010 10:47 pm (UTC) - Re: What I think...
XD Aw, that's good I guess...but I kinda did. Oh well. XD You're welcome?
Yes, of course! Not that I would have any use for it in Sweden, but in Finland! It would be so nice if you'd like to teach me some, when you feel that you have time : 3

Because, you're older then me? That already sets me at a disadvantage...I guess...OH, I'm being silly, but just you know? I thought that maybe since I'm younger than you I won't have that much of a chance that maybe those of your age and older would have.

Anyway, you're so sweet! 8D Both in looks and personality, even thought you've got that RAWR! since you're from Finland, haha XD

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